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Learn Hungarian in Szeged at Bonus Language School

If you are staying in Hungary you must have realized that the Hungarian language is not so easy to pick up.  Hungarian is not related to any of the familiar language groups so it is not an option to listen out for familiar-sounding words. Pronunciation is tricky as well and you may find unfamiliar letters although the Hungarian language uses Latin characters.

The best choice if you want to learn Hungarian

So if you want to learn Hungarian the best you can do is to go to a language school. Bonus Language School Szeged is the perfect place for learning Hungarian as it is right in the centre of Szeged, at Feketesas utca 28/A and you can study in a relaxed atmosphere.

There are small groups with people from all over the world or you can have lessons in micro groups with two or three other people and it is also possible to have private lessons.  Well-prepared teachers, friendly atmosphere, helpful customer service in the heart of Szeged.

Where to find Bonus Language School Szeged if you want to learn Hungarian

You can contact us at 28/A Feketesas street but you can also call us on 62/311-300 or on +3670/3526-424. If it is more convenient, write us an e-mail at szeged [bejgli] bonusnyelviskola.hu

Hungarian courses at affordable prices

Prices are from 3.000 Ft (about 9,5 Euro) to 590 Ft (about 45 cents), depending on the number of people studying together but there are discounts that might apply to you. We are happy to help you so contact us and let us know what you need to master the Hungarian language.

 A Bonus Nyelviskola által szervezett magyar tanfolyamok, a felnőttképzési törvény hatályán kívül megvalósított nyelvi képzések.



A képzési programok engedélyszáma: 
Angol C2 1 1 039 - C2 szint - E-000255/2014/C009
Német C2 1 1 037 - C2 szint - E-000255/2014/C005
Spanyol C2 1 1 038 - C2 szint - E-000255/2014/C006
Francia C2 1 1 036 - C2 szint - E-000255/2014/C007
Olasz C2 1 1 043 - C2 szint - E-000255/2014/C008

A további nyelveken történő képzések (orosz, szerb, szlovák, magyar, stb) a felnőttoktatási törvény hatályán kívül megvalósított nyelvi képzések.

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